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Carbide Precision Parts

Carbide Precision Parts

Cemented Carbide precision products have exceptional mechanical properties and features of high wear and corrosive resistance, high dimension accuracy, and specified surface roughness, and more. The semi-finished Cemented Carbide products will be ground using a diamond wheel and EDM. They will be cut to various components to replace the metal parts under complicated and adverse working conditions in order to increase the efficiency as well as prolong the life cycle.

Our Cemented Carbide precision products mainly include axial sleeves, seal-ring, thread nozzles, bushings, valve cores, valve balls & seats, valve discs, non-standard structure parts, and mechanical components.

The Carbide precision parts will mainly be used in submerged oil centrifugal pumps, submerged oil electric pumps, submerged oil separators, submerged oil protectors, dreg slurry pumps, submerged oil centrifuges, slurry pumps, acid-proof pumps, wastewater treating pumps, drinking water pumps, PDC drill bits, cone roller bits, centrifuge oil raising pumps, MWD and LWD, vertical rotating guides and self-activated oscillating-rotating-impact drilling tools.

• Special Design and Development of Materials
• Complete Production Process – from Manufacturing of Materials to Finished Wear Parts
• Over 20 Years of Cooperative Experience with International Oil Service Companies
• Advanced Equipment and Powerful Systematic Secure Capabilities
• Wide Range Quality Control


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