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Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing Material

Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing Material
We manufacture three types of cast Tungsten Carbide powder including, Cast (Fused) Tungsten Carbide powder, Spherical Cast (Fused) Tungsten Carbide powder, and Macrocrystalline (Mono) Tungsten Carbide powder.

Cast (Fused) Tungsten Carbide (CTC)
CTC is made of W and WC and is an extremely hard, wear-resistant material. It is widely used to produce premixed powder for PTA & LC, PDC Matrix Powder, tubular welding rod.

• High content, feather-like micro structure, as high as 95%.
• High hardness: 2000HV0.1 min
• A wide particle size range to choose from: 8-600mesh (2360-25μm)
• Excellent weldability with other Ni-based and Fe-based binder

Spherical Cast (Fused) Tungsten Carbide (SCTC)
ZTC uses proprietary equipment and techniques to manufacture SCTC powder. SCTC has a dendritic crystal microstructure composed of WC and W2C. It has a higher hardness (2700HV 0.1) than conventional CTC.

• The first manufacturer in China
• A wide particle size range to choose from: 60-325mesh (250-45μm)
• Excellent Hall Flow ability due to high sphericity
• Widely used in Laser Cladding and PTA

Macrocrystalline (Mono) Tungsten Carbide (MTC)
MTC is a fully carbonized, dense, light gray Tungsten Carbide powder with a homogenous microstructure and excellent thermal stability. It is made from precisely chosen raw materials and special alloys.

• Coarse grain size
• Excellent combined erosion and impact resistance
• Hardness: 1600-2000HV0.1
• Widely used as hard phases in PDC Matrix powder, premixed powder for PTA, and Laser Cladding


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