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Welding Materials

ZGCC manufactures a wide range of products for customized wear solutions. The most widely used products include flexible rope, composite rod, tubular welding rod for oxygen-acetylene gas welding, different types of premixed powder for flame spray, laser cladding, and Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) welding.

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Flexible rope
• Cast Tungsten Carbide (CTC), Spherical Cast Tungsten Carbide (SCTC) with Nickel binder
• Excellent weldability
• Diameters of 4.0mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm are available
• 15Kgs/coil
• Application: steel body bit blade, oil extraction part

Composite rod
• Made of high quality, recycled carbide grits and NiCu alloy binder
• Wide carbide size range: 1/16’’- 1’’
• Sharp carbide edges
• Application: milling and fishing tools (reamer)

Tubular welding rod
• CTC, MTC, SCTC, and Carbide Pellets are used
• Diameter: 3.2mm~6.4mm
• Length: 600mm~900mm
• Application: feed grinder hammer, blades of steel body oil bits

Premixed Powder
ZGCC uses one or a combination of different sizes of CTC, MTC, SCTC as hard phases to blend with different hardnesses of Nickel Alloy (NiBSi, NiCrBSi) to produce dozens of premixed powders for different applications.

We can tailor make the premixed powder per customer’s specifications.


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